Meghan Who? Duchess Kate Is Of Greater Importance To The Queen As She Brings "Serenity", Experts Say

January 10, 2020

What does the Queen really think of Meghan Markle? That seems to be the question on people's lips lately especially considering Meghan and Harry's decision to step back from being senior members of the royal family. With all the Sussex-related drama, people understandably look to the Cambridges for some calmness in the storm. And with good reason, too.

Ready for the throne

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have a lot in common. The Duchess is married to Prince William, who is second in line to the British throne. Based on this, Kate will very likely become a Queen consort one day, possibly wearing the same crown as Her Majesty.

Right now Prince Charles and Camilla are next in line, but this doesn't prevent Kate from being prepared for the role, anyway. So even as Her Majesty shows Prince Charles the ropes, she's taking Kate and William under her wings as well.

Royal expert Rebecca Long told Us Weekly that one of the signs that the Queen is preparing Kate is that the Duchess is now getting more responsibilities and the two ladies have frequent discussions about the monarchy and what it entails.

Her favorite Duchess

Since Meghan joined the royal family, people have wondered which of the Duchesses really have Queen Elizabeth's heart. Sure, the Queen did a great job embracing Meghan despite all the criticism she faced, but as it turns out, her main focus remains on Kate.

One thing that people have praised has been how Kate has calmly and gradually incorporated herself into the life of a royal. She dated William for several years and they have been married since 2011. As a result, she has wormed her way into the hearts of many.

In addition, Queen Elizabeth, known to be a very private woman, approves of Kate's no-drama lifestyle. There hasn't been any major scandal with her and even her family members. Things have been smooth-sailing for the most part and this could be something Her Majesty really appreciates.

Royal commentator Neil Sean pointed out to FoxNews that the Duchess of Cambridge has brought "serenity" to the Queen.

No huge tabloid busts up with the in-laws and fathers. What has really evolved is how gently and quietly the queen is sublimely guiding, advising and helping in a very discreet manner the future queen that will be Kate.

Sean further added:

A courtier told me that ‘Kate is the queen’s number one priority as she knows it will be her who the real monarchy will fall onto in the future.'

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This aspect has been particularly compared to Meghan Markle whose life and family often ignited major drama since her relationship with Prince Harry was made public.

How's Kate prepping?

As The Queen takes a close interest to the Duchess, you may wonder how Kate is reacting to all of this.

Is she shying away from her responsibilities or embracing them? Here are a few things to note.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge has quietly transformed herself in preparation for her future role as the Queen by embracing a more conservative and elegant style.
  • Kate has also become bolder and speaks more confidently in public.
  • Sources told the DailyMail that the royal mom of three embraces and believes in traditional values.
  • She's also loyal and kind to the people and these happen to be traits that Queen Elizabeth appreciates.

Equal footing

With all of this, it's easy to assume that Her Majesty treats Kate like a child she has to raise and teach but body language expert Judi James doesn't believe this is the case.

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Speaking to the Express, James explained that based on their body language, Kate and the Queen are more like friends and they connect as such. The expert noted:

Kate and the Queen tended to use signals of evenly-based friendship.

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There seem to be a lot going on in the royal family lately. In the light of the Prince Andrew scandal and Harry and Meghan's shocking decision to step back from some of their royal duties, things appear to be a little topsy-turvy. But based on this analysis, we can always count on the Cambridges to keep things settled. William and Kate happen to live a life devoid of drama and gladdens Her Majesty's heart.

So even as we shake our head in confusion at all the goings-on in the monarchy right now, we can remain confident that things will keep moving forward. The Queen will continue to encourage the Cambridges and foster strong relationships with them.

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