Thomas Markle Is "Disappointed" In Daughter Meghan As She And Harry Quit Being Senior Royals

January 9, 2020

Harry and Meghan have left the world spinning. Somehow, they manage to outdo themselves when it comes to shocking royal fans. Right from the point they confirmed their relationship in 2017, all eyes have been on them. And even though they are now happily married with a cute son, they still have people talking.

Taking a step back

On Wednesday, January 9, the couple dropped a pretty huge bombshell. They announced they were taking a step back from being "senior" members of the royal family and also revealed that they intend to split their time between their Frogmore Cottage home and North America.

This news has several implications, the most crucial of which is that the couple will very likely be in the limelight a little less. And the announcement also shook the world because it's believed that they didn't consider the opinion of the Queen or other royal family members before moving forward with this.

Thomas Markle reacts

The Duchess of Sussex's dad, Thomas, has always been known to speak his mind when it comes to matters concerning his daughter. In fact, he has become almost as talked-about as the Duchess ever since the royal wedding.

Over time, he has expressed opinions about Meghan's choice in marrying Harry and even claimed that she purposely chose to abandon her family. So when this recent Sussex announcement was made, it wasn't a surprise that he had something to say.

This time though, he didn't give too many details. When asked by reporters to share his feelings about Harry and Meghan's recent move, the 74-year-old said:

I’ll just simply say I’m disappointed.

Daddy sure isn't mincing words.

How do the royals feel about all this?

There are a few reasons why it's a safe bet to say the other members of the royal family are not very happy with Harry and Meghan's news.

  • One royal source told People that there is a lot of "hurt" among the royals over this matter.
  • Buckingham Palace stated that the issue is still in its "early stages" which implies that they are also coming to terms with the news too. This statement clashes a little with the Sussexes' whose announcement made it sound that their decision is a done deal.
  • Royal historian, Robert Lacey, told People that this is a drastic move by Harry and Meghan. And considering the Prince Andrew scandal, we have to assume that the royals just aren't too thrilled with another royal drama.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's decision sure brings about a lot of questions and arguments. But what people can agree on is that the Sussexes are working on making a few changes in the coming months. Whether or not you agree with their choice, it sounds like Harry and Meghan are simply doing what they believe is right. And in the end, royal or not, that's all we can do as humans.

It was pretty brave of them to stand up to the world in such a huge way, though.

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