Ready To Munch Away: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Reveal That Archie Already Has His 2 Front Teeth During Recent Appearance

November 7, 2019 13:39

Meghan Markle's son is one adorable little boy. And fans of the Sussexes are always excited to learn about any update that had to do with him.

While Archie Harrison Windsor did not technically make a recent appearance, he was a topic of conversation when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex surprised their neighbors in Windsor.

According to the SussexRoyal Instagram page, Harry and Meghan made a surprise visit to the community center for a coffee morning for military families. At the event, the royal couple met with young families who shared parenting experiences and how it is being apart from their military loved ones for months at a time.

Meghan Markle talks about her son

During the visit, the Sussexes also spoke to young kids and while at it, Meghan was pictured gesturing towards her teeth with her two fingers as a little girl in a pink sweater looked on adoringly.

Evidently, the pictures were taken as the Duchess was telling the children that her 6-month-old son Archie already had his two front teeth coming in.

This is a pretty fascinating update considering that the last time we saw the Sussexes in South Africa, Archie barely had any teeth at all.

It sounds like the little one is ready to much away at whatever he can lay his hands on. It must be quite an exciting time for the Sussexes.

Hair revelations

One thing fans have been curious about since Archie was born was his hair color. Considering the fact that Harry is red-haired and Meghan is dark-haired, people want to know who their first son will take after.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

When they were at the WellChild Awards in October, the royal couple reportedly told an attendee Angela Sunderland, that Archie has red hair and glimpses of it can be seen in his eyebrows.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Little Archie may not make public appearances too often, but it's nice of the Sussexes to give these updates from time to time. Fans can always picture how he looks as they await the next time his parents choose to share photos or videos of him.

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