14-Year-Old Princess Leonor Of Spain Defends Her Father Amid Anti-Royal Protests Against Him

November 5, 2019 17:27

Princess Leonor of Spain is set to make history. The 14-year-old will become the first Spanish Queen in centuries. In her first speech, she pledged to serve her country and people who live in it.

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The young royal made her promise in front of a packed auditorium last year, assuring she will dedicate herself to her future role.

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Princess Leonor’s speech-making skills got even better since then as she defended her father King Felipe among anti-royal protests.

Princess Leonor’s speech

It’s evident that King Felipe and Queen Letizia’s eldest daughter is not your average teenager. The youngster has been hailed Spain’s “Disney Princess” for her long blonde looks but don’t get fooled by her innocent look.

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She can be fierce and passionate, especially when it comes to protecting her family. On Monday, the Spanish royal family traveled to Barcelona where Leonor delivered a brave speech amid anti-royal street protests aimed at her dad.

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Speaking in English and Catalan at the Princess of Girona Foundation awards, she said:

From a very young age, our parents have told us about Catalonia. Thanks to them we know more about Catalan history and culture. This land, Catalonia, will always occupy a special place in my heart.

The royal arrival to the Catalonian capital was met with intense street protesters who were chanting anti-monarchist slogans.

People’s reactions to Leonor’s words

Catalonia’s strive for independence has led to Spain’s biggest political crisis in years. King Felipe got under fire after criticizing the Catalan leaders in his public speech in 2017 and since then, the independence supporters have shown their dislike of him. Hopefully, Leonor’s address will warm their hearts a little bit.

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