Sarah Ferguson Reportedly Thinks Julianne Moore Would Be Perfect As Her Double On “The Crown” And Fans Think They Are Lookalikes

November 18, 2019 18:15

Sarah Ferguson made headlines in 1996 when she split up from Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. The dramatic exit meant that the Duchess of York had turned her back on the royal family, a decision many predicted she would regret.

Years later, Sarah Ferguson has proven her naysayers wrong as she got back on her feet, rebuilt her relationship with the royal family, and achieved great success on her own. But what does the former royal like to do in her spare time? Sarah Ferguson loves The Crown, Netflix’s hit series.

Guess which Hollywood star she thinks would be fit to play her on the royal drama show, Oscar award winner Julianne Moore.

Sarah Ferguson wants Julianna Moore to portray her on "The Crown"

Speaking to The Sun, a source revealed that Sarah Ferguson really enjoyed watching The Crown and that she even has an idea on which stars should play her.

She’s told several people close to her she really loves the idea of Eleanor after watching Poldark. In later life, she’s keen on Julianne Moore.

Sarah Ferguson feels that for a big production like The Crown, how she is portrayed matters since that is how the public and future generations will know her.

Truth be told, The Duchess’ selections are top-notch. Talented Poldark actress Eleanor Tomlinson, who the Duchess reportedly wants to play her in “younger life,” has red hair that makes her a great match.

Of course, flame-haired Julianne Moore is likewise no stranger to the world and her experience in the film industry makes her a worthy cast.

The good news is that it is still early to tell who lands the role as the upcoming 3rd season on the show focuses on the royal family between 1964 and 1977. Since The Duchess married Prince Andrew in 1986, she will appear in later seasons.

Fans feel that Julianne Moore and Sarah Ferguson are lookalikes

For fans, Julianne Moore would be a great fit if she plays her in the Netflix series. Some feel that they are perfect lookalikes.

What do you think? Would Julianne Moore shine as Sarah Ferguson?

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