Princess Diana's Niece Lady Kitty Spencer Is Engaged To Millionaire Tycoon Who Is 31 Years Older Than Her, Reports Say

January 8, 2020 14:46

Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer is engaged! Hurrah! Meet her husband-to-be, a millionaire tycoon who is 31 years older than her.

Facts to know about Lady Kitty Spencer:

  • Lady Kitty Spencer is a niece of the people’s favorite late Princess Diana. Some fans admit that she resembles Lady Di a lot.
  • Kitty is a famous fashion model. Her mother Victoria Aitken is a former model too.
  • The young lady spent her early years in South Africa.
  • After Princess Diana’s demise, Kitty’s parents wanted to keep their daughter aside from the spotlight.
  • Prince William and Prince Harry are still on very warm terms with their late mother’s relatives.
  • The Spencer family’s reported net worth is around $ 130 million.

Kitty Spencer: wedding plans

It seems like pretty soon, fans will have a chance to witness another bombshell wedding. Lady Kitty Spencer is engaged to a millionaire tycoon Michael Lewis.

Despite their 31-year age gap, the lovebirds seem to have no worries about that. A source close to the couple said that Lewis proposed to Kitty ahead of Christmas. What a great surprise for the bride-to-be!

Despite Michael’s wealth, friends call him a down-to-earth man who keeps his private life a low-profile. Lewis has three children from his previous marriage.

By the way, Kitty was spotted with a diamond band on her ring finger a few months ago. Coincidence?

Kitty Spencer’s previous relationship

Before she met Michael, Lady Kitty Spencer had a romantic relationship with property tycoon Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro. Their romance started in 2014.

At that time, the lovebirds often shared their photos together on social media. Three years later, Kitty and Niccolo broke up. The exes didn’t give any specific details about the reason for their split.

We wish Lady Kitty Spencer to find happiness in her marriage with Michael Lewis. It’s sad that Princess Diana didn’t live to the day to see her beautiful niece in a wedding dress.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Kitty and Michael’s wedding would be televised. Nevertheless, fans expect that the royal brothers William and Harry with their wives will be in attendance.

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