Piers Morgan ‘Beats’ Meghan Markle As He Is Ahead Of Her In The List Of Most Influential People

November 5, 2019 15:07

Did our world turn upside down?! Or how could they explain that Piers Morgan beat Meghan Markle in a popularity poll?!

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Piers vs Meghan: who is more influential?

Recently, we congratulated Meghan Markle on her new honor. The Duchess of Sussex has been included in the list of London’s most influential people 2019.

We think Meghan definitely deserves this great honor for all the good things she does. The royal mom is known for her incredible social and charity work; she is a devoted philanthropist and social influencer.

While Meghan has taken the 22nd place in the influential people list, her longtime ‘friend’ Piers Morgan somehow appeared to be on the 21st place.

How could Piers overcome Meghan? This question matters not just us, but even Morgan himself. The Good Morning Britain host commented on his new noble honor.

What's good is that I'm in at 21... and oh Meghan Markle is in at 22 - that's awkward isn't it?

Yes, Piers! It’s a bit awkward considering the fact that Morgan is making his fame on Meghan’s name. But that’s only one side of the coin. Let’s hear other people’s opinions.

Fans’ comments

Do you think it’s fair that Piers Morgan is ahead of Meghan Markle in the influential list? We really want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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