Royal ‘Snub’: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Skip The Palace Reception With Donald Trump Again

December 3, 2019 13:57

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will skip meeting with President Donald Trump again during his 2-day visit to the UK. Coincidence?

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Royal ‘snub’

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in Britain on Tuesday morning for a 2-day NATO Summit.

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POTUS and FLOTUS are also scheduled to attend a special reception at Buckingham Palace where they will meet Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, as well as Kate Middleton, will be in attendance. But some royals will skip the engagement. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle won’t meet with the Trumps.

But before you start making suggestions about ‘royal feud’ between the Sussexes and the Trumps, we need to clear up that Harry and Meghan’s absence at the reception can be explained simply - the event falls during their 6-week break from royal duties amid the festive season.

As it was confirmed earlier, Harry and Meghan temporary ‘resign’ from royal duties till January. The Sussexes will celebrate Christmas in the United States with the Duchess’ mother.

During his previous state visit to the UK in June, Donald Trump also didn’t have a chance to meet Duchess Meghan in person as she was on maternity leave at that time.

Fans’ comments

Hopefully, next year the US President will finally meet Harry and Meghan and their adorable son Archie.

Meanwhile, we wish Donald and Melania to have a great time in London with the Queen and other royals!

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