"She Was Pregnant Before The Wedding:" Baby Archie Is Much Older Than Meghan And Harry Say, Fans Believe

November 11, 2019 10:14

Meghan Markle's baby is one of the things people find most interesting about the Duchess.

Like many mothers, she isn't shy when it comes to revealing some adorable information about her son and this helps royal fans form all kinds of opinions.

One example was how sources reveal that the little cutie takes after his father in terms of hair color. Sources told People that Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was already growing "tufts of reddish hair" when he was only about three months old.

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Baby Archie Windsor developing fast

Based on the birth date announced for the royal cutie which is May 2019, Archie is now a little over six months old. And fortunately, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave more updates about their child.

While spending some time with a group of military families recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed that Archie was starting to crawl and already had two teeth.

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The couple had surprised their neighbors in Windsor by meeting families from the Welsh Guards, Coldstream Guards, and Household Calvary during a coffee morning at Windsor's Broom Farm Community Center.

While discussing their little son, Harry and Meghan sympathized with those raising their children while their partner was away on a military tour and also felt for military men and women who missed their child's development while they were serving abroad.

Royal fans discuss

The revelations Harry and Meghan made about Archie's development had people thinking that something wasn't right.

Many internet users opined that if Archie was indeed six months old, he wouldn't have begun crawling or having teeth by now.


So she was pregnant before the wedding and hes like his grandma with two birthdays? Why dont they just be honest instead of fobbing us off? Its created more speculation than it was ever worth.

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@Betty Boop:

Babies normally start to crawl at 7 -10 months so Archie must be advanced for his age.


Crawls and two teeth? Well, she's just confirmed that's he's older than 6 months, then.


Yeah because 6 month olds crawl every day....NOT. This baby was born months before they say he was.

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Babies sit up alone at 6 months and crawl at 8 months.


Babies crawl between 8 & 10 months. Archie was born May 6th (according to the Party line). Did someone get the story about when he was born mixed up, Meghan?


6 months old, crawling and 2 teeth? More like 8 months old.

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Wow! Really? My boys 7 months, no teeth yet (lots of dribbling and red cheeks), not crawling......but rolls and body amazed if Archie really is that advanced?

@londoner 72 Oslo:

At, 6 months old,? They have lied about his birthdate.


Archie is 6 months and babies start to crawl between 6-10 months They also begun to get teeth at 6 months. He has 2! He's VERY advanced for a 6months old as he's hit the milestones immediately.. makes you wonder if he's not older - he's such a big baby.

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Based on these comments, fans were apparently left with two options. They either believed Archie was just a fast-developer or the Sussexes were being dishonest.

Nevertheless, we still have to consider that all babies aren't the same and they grow at different paces. It's still within the realms of possibility that Archie has hit these milestones at his age even though many babies don't. So we can always give Harry and Meghan the benefit of the doubt.

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