'Super Formal' Prince William Might Be Inspired By 'Intensely-Tactile' Prince Harry To Show Love And Affection In Public, According To Body Language Expert

November 15, 2019 11:12

Prince William and Kate Middleton always try to avoid any affection in public, but sometimes, their instincts take over. Several days ago, the couple made an event celebrating Shout's Crisis Volunteers, and they shared a quick yet adorable PDA.

The future King warmly rubbed his wife's back while communicating with other people more than once, and royal fans instantly posted the video of this sweet moment on social media.

Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince William was spotted gently putting his hand on Kate's back – a signature pose adopted by the Sussex couple. Body language expert Judi James believes Prince Harry inspired his elder brother to be more affectionate in the spotlight.

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Ms. James explained further:

The couple might not simply be taking their lead from the intensely-tactile Harry and Meghan, but the way that the Sussex's PDAs have been positively received might just have allowed the normally super-formal and quite traditionally royal William to relax a little and show his affection for his wife more openly now and again.

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However, the expert also thinks Wiliam and Kate became closer after becoming parents to their third son, as they have shown more PDA after Prince Louis' birth.

It could also be due to the pair becoming closer, after becoming parents for the third time and dealing with the rumored fall-out between the Sussex's.

And finally, Judi James mentioned Prince Harry and Prince William's rift, which might have led to closure between the future King and his wife.

Also, the rift between William and Harry must have caused emotional upset for both of the brothers, and that could have meant William being even more grateful for his wife's support than usual.

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Prince Harry, on the contrary, always shows his love and affection to his wife, Meghan Markle. The two are spotted glaring at each other, holding hands, kissing, and staying close in any possible way every now and again.

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Do you think Prince William could become inspired by his brother's action? The Queen's first grandson has lately shown his soft side toward Kate Middleton, and we truly love it.

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