Princess Meghan: Royal Etiquette Expert Claims Meghan Markle Has Handled Herself With "Grace, Control And Poise"

November 11, 2019 11:35

Meghan Markle is always under pressure, and while Buckingham Palace is silent about the constant criticism, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex candidly spoke about their struggles.

Although the new mum is now vulnerable, broken, and distressed, she has never shown any sign of aggressiveness, hatred, or disbalance in the public eye. On the contrary, she's tried to raise awareness about being strong and kind no matter what.

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Last week, the Duchess of Sussex appeared three times publicly. During essential royal engagements, she handled herself with "grace, control, and poise," according to one royal etiquette expert.

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As part of 'The Royal Story' series, Myka Meier told Yahoo UK that when people feel insecure, they have two options: they can continue to be timid, or they can change it. Guess what Meghan has chosen?

The best part about it is we instill confidence through etiquette. It saddens me to see the scrutiny that Meghan's under, I don't think it's good etiquette, she's handled herself with such grace and control and poise. I think these are all skills you can learn and I think we can learn from Meghan.

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This lady is so elegant and pose that she comes above anything malicious people throws at her. She rises above. A lesson to be learned indeed.

@April Brown:

Meghan a class act. Beautiful, smart and a good work ethic. The RF is lucky to have her. She made them popular around the world.


Meghan has an extremely even keel. It comes from years of meditation and yoga I'm glad she's transferring some of her inner peace to Harry.

@The Grey Knight:

We all stand shoulder to shoulder with Princess Meghan.


She's been lambasted for everything from what she wears to how she carries Archie. Im not a fan, and I dont see her as some great leader, but shes kept her cool in public.

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Despite everything, Prince Harry's wife has brought out the best personality traits. Meghan Markle is an excellent example of how to cope with life when you are at your lowest.

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