“It Was The Largest Train Wreck”: Michael Usher On The Most Disastrous Interview Experience He Had With Sarah Ferguson

November 25, 2019 16:19

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and Prince Andrew made headlines with their separation and their unique post-divorce lifestyle has been equally as intriguing to fans. Unlike most couples, they remained close despite not being an item as they had royal watchers hoping that perhaps, they might remarry.

But while many adore Fergie and Andrew’s conduct after divorce, Channel Seven’s journalist Michael Usher disagrees.

Sarah Ferguson walked out of Michael Usher's "60 Minutes" interview

A journalist’s dream is to host a high-profile celebrity and for Michael Usher, his time with Sarah Ferguson was worse than he had imagined.

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In an interview on Moonman in the Morning, Michael Usher discussed that his interview with Fergie was nerve-wracking.

I've interviewed her (Ferguson), and it was the largest train wreck interview I've ever done.

According to Usher, Ferguson has a split personality since when she walked in, she was so cheerful, something she contrasted with her behavior later.

She walked [out] on me three or four times. It was absolutely horrendous.

According to Usher, what he had anticipated would be a great interview gradually turned sour, something that contradicted anyone’s expectations.

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Usher was speaking amid Prince Andrew’s latest interview with CNN. After the event, Sarah Ferguson came out in defense of the royal, who she described as “a giant of a principled man.”

Fans have mixed reactions on Michael Usher’s revelations

While Fergie feels the need to protect Prince Andrew all these years later, fans wonder why she’s getting involved at all.

@Kaz: No idea why Fergie is even speaking about any of this or Is going to the palace with a big grin in her face, as they have been divorced for a very very long time.

@popeye: God they're all so embarrassing.

@Lock38: If I had to do an interview with Michael Usher I would walk out too...

Do you agree with Michael Usher’s sentiments that royals act as if they should be treated as special when they go on interviews? Do royals have an obligation to answer hard questions like everyone else?

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