Prince Charles’ Health: Fans Worried After The Prince Of Wales Was Spotted With Red And Swollen Feet In India

November 15, 2019 16:52

Guess who turned 71 on November 14th, Prince Charles. But contrary to the usual pomp and fashion that comes with being a royal, The Prince of Wales celebrated his birthday in Mumbai, India, quite humbly.

This time, the prince chose to celebrate the auspicious occasion with local school children that are recipients of his charitable foundation, the British Asian Trust. But as Prince Charles celebrated his birthday, royal watchers wondered whether everything was okay, health-wise.

The children had a special gift for Prince Charles

It’s almost impossible to find a gift that will find favor with a royal but the youngsters had something that Charles would love. To celebrate his birthday, they gave him a present that featured stories of the Krishna, a Hindu deity, as told by tiny figures in 3 bonsai gardens.

The birthday was the climax of a 2-day solo trip where the prince also met pop sensation, Katy Perry.

But as Prince Charles celebrated his birthday abroad, he lacked the wonderful company of his bride. The Duchess of Cornwall was back at home in Clarence House after a chest infection forced her to cancel her travel plans.

Prince Charles spotted with red swollen legs

Shortly after arriving, Prince Charles visited a Sikh Temple in New Delhi where he took off his shoes. Observant watchers noticed that after removing his shoes, his feet were red and considerably swollen, an observation that sparked health rumors.

The 9-hour-long flight to India might have caused the swollen feet. According to commentators, the foot swelling was not the first time the public worried about Prince Charles' health.

On his Royal trip to Cuba early this year, people noticed that his feet and fingers were also badly swollen. Just as now, people then had prayed that his health improves with some even speculating that the culprit is high blood pressure.

Feet swelling is common for travelers

While people might rush to question whether Prince Charles is okay after seeing his swollen feet, a medical expert reveals that the common issue is caused when people sit for extended periods of time.

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For most travelers, the squeezed seating spaces on planes and even buses restrict movement and during this time, blood pools in the leg veins. The pressure, in turn, causes fluid to leave the blood and when it moves to the surrounding areas, swelling occurs.

Luckily, the condition is totally avoidable by wearing loose-fitting clothes, stretching, and drinking plenty of fluids.

We hope Prince Charles will remember to stretch a bit next time he has a long flight. Or perhaps it's time he considered delegating some of his royal duties to the youngsters. What do you think?

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