Fans Got Furious That Meghan Markle Was Slammed For Copying Princess Diana’s Black Outfit: “Kate Does The Same”

November 13, 2019 10:57

Royal watchers obviously follow double standards when they compare Meghan Markle with other royal ladies. Meghan’s fans got furious after trolls ‘attacked’ the Duchess of Sussex for copycatting late Princess Diana at the latest engagement, while Kate Middleton had done it more often and no one said a negative word.

‘Copycat’ Meghan

Over the weekend, members of the British royal family attended the Festival of Remembrance in London. The event commemorates the victims of tragedies.

For the mourning engagement, all the monarchs dressed up accordingly – in black outfits.

Duchesses Catherine and Meghan looked incredibly elegant and graceful in their stylish black coats and matching hats.

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Some royal watchers noticed a striking similarity between Meghan Markle’s gown at Remembrance Day and Princess Diana’s all-black ensemble, which she wore at the Cenotaph in 1991.

Fans had controversial reactions

While the majority of fans praised Meghan for honoring her husband’s late mother in such a sweet way, there were those who ‘attacked’ the Duchess online and slammed her for copying Diana.

Others rushed to the Duchess’ defense, claiming that Kate Middleton channeled Princess Diana’s looks more often than Meghan, but no one said anything bad about it.

What is wrong if both Duchesses Kate and Meghan want to show their great respect to their husbands’ late mother?! Princess Diana was, indeed, a style icon and a perfect role model to follow! We think it’s great that younger royals follow in her footsteps. Do you agree?

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