Are You A Genius? Test Your Skills And Find Odd Objects In These 10 Images

November 6, 2018 15:46

It is especially a labor to keep our concentration straight in the distraction-infested world of the 21st century. No wonder it's so hard to pinpoint one reason of losing focus. Sometimes, it's due to fatigue or lack of motivation, but at other times, it's just plain distractions that blur our ability to pay attention. This setback drills a hole in our productivity and ultimately jeopardizes our chances to succeed.

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Don't you worry though! These simple tips will hack your way to a better observation power. The Independent UK recommends:

  • try to minimize or quit multitasking altogether;
  • meditate to improve overall mental control;
  • exercise to boost your brain of energy that it needs;
  • make and keep up with your to-do list;
  • caffeine can also help stay alert and focused;
  • take a fair amount of breaks;
  • stare at distant objects for a few minutes and gather its details;
  • always try to get enough sleep.

However, the mental sizes like the ones given below are the best method to improve your attention span effectively. Now you can sing along; I'm on a highway to help!

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Check your current focus level

Solve these to unlock your inner genius. Have no more than 30 seconds to find and spot the asked differences. The odd adventure begins!

1. Spot the 'Motor-Bike' parked between the cycles.

2. Hurry and try to figure out which 'Clock' shows a different time.

3. Find the letter 'Q' in the sea of '0's.

4. Find the digit '3' among the '8's.

5. Which 'Cow' looks different to you? 

6. Which 'Cat Face' is different than the others?

7. Which 'Cartoon' has a different expression?

8. Try to find the 'Key' with a non-similar pattern.

9.  Which 'Elephant' is not the same as others?

10. Now, which 'Monkey' looks odd to you?








How many odd objects did you manage to find within 30 seconds? Share this with your friends to challenge them!

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