Croatian Man Who Wants To Be 47 Forever Has Been Having Plastic Surgery For 25 Years To Stop Himself From Aging

August 15, 2018

Neven Ciganovic had his first body-altering surgery at 22 and has not looked back since then. Now 47, he has been tweaking things on his body for all of 25 years!

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Forever young

He has made it his mission to never age beyond 47.  He tells Barcroft TV:

I just want to stop this aging.


Does his fear of getting old has something to do with what a Fact Sheet on Aging in the US defines as the possible challenges that come with age, including an increased chance of obesity? He does not say. 

His plastic surgery journey

But his story began with an obsession with his weight as a child. At first, he tried to get slim and ended up bulimic. And by 1992, when lip fillers began to trend, he was sold immediately by the promise of perfection.

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After the first lip fillers, he got hooked. Ciganovic has since gotten his cheekbones done twice, in addition to three nose jobs among other things.

He's not alone

Going by his social media following and status as an 'It Boy' in Croatia, it would seem that his devotion to plastic surgery has paid off.

And like Ciganovic, most men according to this Vice survey aren't that opposed to plastic surgery procedures at all. One 22-year-old man had this to say,

I don't think there's a problem with men having plastic surgery. People are more accepting these days.

So, there you have it. Ciganovic is definitely not alone. What do you think?

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