Iranian-American Actress Mozhan Marnò Of 'The Blacklist' Reveals The Secret Behind Her Longevity In Hollywood

August 8, 2018 18:27

With two major TV roles under her belt, Mozhan Marnò is getting some major acclaim and in her own words, "chipping away ethnic and gender stereotypes" in Hollywood.

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The Blacklist

The actress starred in The Blacklist alongside James Spader, where she played the character, Samar Navabi, a Mossad cum FBI agent.

Her character on the series shares some similarities with her in real life. They are both Americans of Iranian origin and have parents who are both from the Middle Eastern country.

Her philosophy towards acting

But, unlike her character, in real life, Marnò who is also a playwright and director was born in Los Angeles and has zero links with the Mossad. The Yale Drama School graduate told Backstage her secret to longevity in Hollywood.

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The answer lies in her philosophy towards her job. She isn't overtly anxious when she's not working because she fills her downtime with an active schedule.

She also said,

 I think wherever you’re happiest, you’ll attract the work you are supposed to get. You should go where you feel good, and then you will bring that into a room.

Representation and race

For an actress of Iranian origin slaying the game in Hollywood, has she been affected by her race in the industry?

Perhaps not, but this 38-year-old Iranian-American Brooklynite is all about advocating for better representation of all races in Hollywood. Go girl!

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