'I Can't Afford Designer Clothes - I Have Kids And A Mortgage', Samantha Cameron, Wife Of Former UK Prime Minister, On Her Family’s Fortune

August 2, 2018

As a rule, the PMs’ wives tend to hide in the shade of their husbands, but that’s not the case with Samantha Cameron.

Who is Samantha Cameron?

She is one of those women who likes to achieve and do more even if there is a person who can provide for her and her kids. In addition to being a Prime Minister’s wife from 2010 to 2016, she is a businesswoman working in a fashion industry.


For many years she’s been the Creative Director of Smythson of Bond Street and changed it for a part-time consultancy role after her husband took the PM’s post. Later, she has established her own fashion line that could combine being stylish and affordable at the same time.


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Family fortune

At first glance, it seems such a family shouldn’t have any money troubles. But as it appeared even they might be on a budget, especially when there is a mortgage and childcare payments.

The thing is she launched her womenswear brand Cefinn last year. And it coincided with the time her husband left the PM's job. All the more, it was the time when the family reportedly took out a £ 3.5 million mortgage on a new home.


That’s actually what made Samantha start her own fashion line. Being on a low budget for a woman who has been working in fashion felt bad. She wanted her clothes to be with a modern twist. As it appeared such a niche in the market was open and she decided to take it, as it’s put in The Telegraph. The average price for a dress is about £260.


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How much does the Prime Minister get paid?

All in all, the PM’s salary is a topic of interest for lots of people. According to the FullFact, the Prime Minister is paid £150,402 a year. That’s including a basic salary of a member of parliament of £74,962.


Anyways, it’s great that women feel powerful and go ahead towards their goals. Samantha is a great example of strength and wit we all should follow.

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