Can You Spot The Changes? 6 Famous Male Stars That Earned The Love Of Women And Are Still Admired Today

February 1, 2019

What happens when you fall in love with a famous person?

For most of us, celebrities are not only successful in what they do but also reflections of the ideals we desire in a loved one. According to psychologists, when we show great affection and maybe love for a famous individual, we find ourselves in a type of relationship known as ‘parasocial interaction'.

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This relationship is unique since even though we might form a bond with the actor or singer, the chances of reciprocation are slim to none.

6 famous men that were and still are loved by women

We listed 6 major stars that earned the love of women over the years and their changes are amazing. Just flip the picture to see their wonderful transformation.

Clint Eastwood

Every time you heard that Clint Eastwood was in a film, you knew what to expect. He was the notoriously hunky badass that you were sure was going to come out on top in a gunfight. Over the years, he’s still that macho guy! Flip to see.

Richard Gere

When it comes to actors that melted the hearts of women on screen, Gere is up there on the list as a sex symbol. Remember him in American Gigolo? He was tantalizing. Over the years, he seems to have aged gracefully and he still has that arresting smile that can make anyone shy.

Henry Winkler

If you adored Happy Days, then you probably fell head-over-heels in love with the dreamy high school dropout, Fonzie, who was played by Henry Winkler. On the show, he became so popular with fans that he was made into a leading character. Many years later, his captivating on-screen persona is still intact.

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Michael Douglas

He was dreamy and deep and for most fans, he portrayed the ideal husband and lover. Remember Fatal Attraction? Over the years, Michael has earned the adoration of his fans and most see him as the best definition of what it means to ‘age gracefully’. Do you agree?​​​​​​​

Kirk Douglas

On screen, Kirk Douglas was cleft-chinned, steely-eyed, and manly as the star of everyone’s favorite gladiator film, Spartacus. But at home, he was just a loving husband and father with a humble past.  Over the years, he is still considered one of the greatest actors of the Golden Age.​​​​​​​

Al Pacino

He was exciting on screen and his accolades are impressive. With his impressive roles on The Godfather and Scarface, Al Pacino could easily sweep anyone off their feet. Today, he is still regarded with reverence and it would seem that he’s not lost his charm.​​​​​​​

Wow! Time really flies fast!

While these actors have definitely changed over the years, they have truly retained their charm, charisma, and magnetic allure. They are proof that 'aging like fine wine' is not just a saying but a practical reality.

What do you think of their transformations over the years?

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