Ricky Gervais Proves He's A Truly Hilarious Animal Lover And Animal Rights Advocate

July 11, 2018

When you hear the name Ricky Gervais, you probably think about his sense of humor, incredible wit, and success as a comedian. But there’s one more thing about Ricky that makes us love him – the comedian is a huge animal lover!

Both Instagram and Twitter accounts of the 57-year-old are basically filled with animal pictures. And by doing so, Gervais not only pleases his fans but also urges people from all over the world to end animal suffering.

Often, he posts photos of dogs, advocating shelter animals and motivating others to take home a new furry friend. Besides, the Englishman is no stranger to fighting for animal rights, as he has come out vocally against wildlife poaching, hunting, bullfighting, and even cosmetics testing.

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Does Gervais have any pets?

While he loves both cats and dogs, Ricky only has a beautiful cat Ollie right now. He would love to have a puppy, but he often travels, and he would never want to leave a loyal friend at home alone. As he said once on Ellen show:

A cat, you can leave it. You go, "I'm going." It goes, "Whatever." A dog says, "Well, am I coming?" And that look is, "What have I done wrong?"

This doesn’t mean Ricky doesn’t love Ollie. In fact, his feed is mostly pictures of this beautiful felines. And what is more, the cat has her own Twitter account!

Ricky posts there at least a few times a day. The account now has more than 40 thousand followers who often shower Ollie with compliments and hilarious comments.

The cat is definitely lucky to have such a loving owner!

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