Despite His Inability To Swim, The Hero-Rescuer Saved A 5-Year-Old Boy From Drowning In The River

June 29, 2018

Despite the lack of swimming abilities, Victor Mozqueda dared to jump into the river to save the 5-year-old boy. While rescuing his friend’s nephew, the 22-year-old hero could get out of the water by himself.

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On June 23, Victor Mozqueda was resting in the Sequoia National Park together with Anita Baker, Isaias Gonzalez, and their 5-year-old boy Vincent Gonzalez. Due to the slippery rocks all over the river, the little boy got into the water, and he was unable to keep his head up because of the strong currents. Victor decided to act immediately. He jumped into the river and grabbed the poor kid to move him out of the deadly waters:

Somehow Victor managed to keep Vincent on top of his head even while he was underwater so that Vincent could breathe. He never let go of him even when they went down under the currents a few times.

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Victor himself didn’t appear out of the water after he made the last effort to get the child out of the river. The boy’s father immediately started CRP for the son and managed to save the suffocating kid. Unfortunately for Victor, his body wasn’t noticed after the incident.

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Victor’s brother-in-law, Ivan Gonzalez, mentioned the hero-rescuer didn’t know how to swim, but he supposed his instincts were doing everything by themselves. The boy was transferred to the nearest hospital, while Victor Mozqueda was later detected and identified by his sister Maria Mozqueda:

He didn't deserve to do die like that. He didn't.

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The desperate relative started a GoFundMe page to collect money for the brother’s funeral.

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Authorities warn about the risk of enjoying the river from the close distance. Abusing the slippery surroundings can result in unexpected consequences. While the family mourns the deceased hero-relative, we hope Victor found a better place in another world to feel safe and peaceful there.  

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