Candice Warner Reveals She Suffered A Tragic Miscarriage After The Scandal Involving Her Husband

June 13, 2018

Back in March, Candice Warner’s husband was involved in the cheating scandal. The Australian international cricketer deliberately altered the condition of the ball during the third test in Cape Town, South Africa. As a result, he was banned for 1 year.

Still, as a loving wife, Candice hit back at all the negative comments, which caused even more backlash among Twitter users. A few weeks after the scandal, the ironwoman suffered miscarriage.

As it turns out, the 33-year-old was pregnant with their third child, and she was only beginning to feel subtle changes in her body. As Candice said:

We were overwhelmed, knowing another little Warner was on the way. I don't think either of us realized how much we longed for this baby.

She was completely happy being in Cape Town (which was the city where Dave had proposed to her). But it all changed soon.

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Due to the ball-tampering scandal, the woman felt exposed, as many were pointing and staring at her.

I'd become an unwanted distraction. I saw myself on the big screen, the victim of a sick prank, and without notice, rock bottom hit me like a brick.

One week after her husband’s press conference, where Candice could not control herself and was crying, she woke up feeling ordinary. But in the bathroom, she realized she was bleeding.

The spouses knew they were miscarrying, so they just held each other and cried:

The entire ordeal from the public humiliations to the ball tampering, it had taken its toll and, from that moment, we decided that no sport, nothing will ever impact our lives like that again.

Despite their terrible loss, the couple doesn’t want to give up. First, they want to earn back the respect of the public. They’re keeping positive, and Dave is looking forward to playing in Canada soon.

They had been trying for some time to conceive their third baby, but it’s not known if they are planning to try again. The couple already has two kids, Ivy Mae, 3, and Indi Rae, 2.

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