Don’t Fancy Joining In? Queen Elizabeth Looks Bemused At Elderly Exercise Class In Windsor

April 13, 2018

The Queen paid a visit to a center in Windsor, which was named for her father King George VI. The center was opened in 1958 in order to provide help and support to widows and widowers of the two world wars.


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The monarch granted permission to name it in tribute to her beloved father.

The center is closely connected to the royal family, as one of the first donations to The Windsor Old People's Welfare Association, which stands behind it, was made by the Queen Mother.

The first time Queen Elizabeth II visited the center was in July 1958 when it just opened and returned to it to mark The Windsor Old People's Welfare Association’s 25th and 50th anniversaries.

The King George VI Day Centre helps older Windsor residents maintain their well-being in a safe and friendly environment. The Queen brightened everybody’s mood by appearing in a bright purple jacket and matching hat with pom-poms.


The monarch was greeted with flowers that were presented to her by many royal fans. She also received a demonstration by residents taking part in a seated exercise class.


We’ve got to say, she looked quite peculiar when she was watching the class, but we are pretty sure she enjoyed her visit.

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The Queen celebrates her birthday later this month. She will be turning 92 years old on 21 April, which will make her the world’s longest reigning monarch.

Traditionally, her birthday is celebrated twice a year – on the day she was actually born and on her “official” birthday in June.


This year, the party will be filled with live music extravaganza provided by a star-studded line-up. The performers’ list includes big stars like Sting, Kylie Minogue, Shaggy, Craig David, Sir Tom Jones, and many more. The concert will be held at the Royal Albert Hall and will be broadcasted live, so that the British people could share the celebration with their Queen.

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