Melania Trump Looked Bewildering In Her New Chanel Gown During The Meeting With French President

April 25, 2018

The only thing that remains stable in this world is Melania’s perfect style. The First Lady of The US looked gorgeous during the latest official meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. The Internet public went hyphy on commenting Mrs. Trump’s dress but was a bit critical towards Ivanka’s exquisite clothes.


French meeting

Donald and Melania Trump have recently met the French first family at the White House. The key event of the occasion was the grand dinner, gathering up to 150 celebrity guests.

In order to please the French president and his wife, the meals included American national cuisine with minor French nuances.


This is already 14th state dinner with the head of France for the American government. Donald was wearing a formal black suit as always, while Melania pleased her fans with another fabulous look.

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Melania's magnificent dress

Her gorgeous grey Chanel gown attracted all attention of the meeting as well as became massively discussed in comments to her social media photos.


Melania decided to go for Chanel's 2018 Haute Couture Collection and took on a sequin jumpsuit from the designer’s outfit. Straight hair accompanied the image perfectly so that nobody left Melania without at least the smallest glance.



Ivanka's outfit

The opposite reaction caused Ivanka’s outfit during the meeting. Her Instagram post with a long pink dress didn’t impress the public much. The dotted sleeveless cloth seemed cute, but in comparison to Melania’s mind-blowing dress, Ivanka’s image looked weird.

FLOTUS was attractive as always. We will be patiently waiting for even more fabulous images from Melania and will share with you the most impressive ones.

Melania Trump