'Home & Family' Co-Host Cristina Ferrare Says She Was Fired From Hallmark At 66 For Being "Too Old"

September 19, 2019 02:19

The whole world is fighting against dicrimination at the workplace. There are cases when people are dicriminated on the grounds of race, age, or gender.

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Unfortunately, celebrities face discrimination too, and Cristina Ferrare is one of them.

Cristina Ferrare, the longtime co-host of Hallmark channel’s Home & Family, said she was fired in 2016 from the network at the age of 66 for being “too old.”

A younger star replaced Christina

Then, the co-host of Home & Family, Cristina Ferrare was replaced by a young star Debbie Matenopoulos on Hallmark’s morning show. The network had announced that the Home and Family‘s resident lifestyle expert joined co-host Mark Steines on the show.

Christina, a former model and host of local Los Angeles chat shows, replaced Mark’s original co-host, Paige Davis.

Fired for being “too old”

Cristina Ferreira is getting candid on how she was reportedly fired from Hallmark at the age 66 for being "too old". The TV host is opening up after her former co-host on the show, Mark Steines, was fired.

In a lengthy post on her personal Facebook page, the former co-host talked about the hurt she felt being replaced by another woman due to her age.

Christina further said that no explanation was given for the network’s action after giving the show her all. She noted that the TV show wasn’t an easy task, as they had to go live two hours a day. She said:

I was fired from Home and Family. I went to work on a Friday got home and told not to come in on Monday. I was asked to sit tight and just say I was on vacation. I was confused and didn’t understand what was going on. I was completely blindsided and devastated BEYOND words. Just like that, poof I was replaced with no other explanation other than I was too old.

The former co-host lamenting about the fact that she didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to the audience who supported the show said: “We had no closure and neither did the audience.”

She wasn’t the first

Christina was not the first to be reportedly fired from the network due to her age. The former director of the show, Home & Family, Robert Levy sued the executive producer of the program. Robert alleged that he was fired from the show because of his age.

Though she’s moving on with her career, the former co-host felt the need to share her story. We wish Christina all the best.

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