Adorable Mini-Mes! Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's Children Look Exactly Like Their Parents

August 16, 2019

Jason Momoa & Liza Bonet's union is followed by an epic love story. The gypsy-styled hunk has been happily squared away with Lisa since 2005 but he had a crush on her way longer than you can imagine.

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Momoa was only 8 when he saw her on TV and grasped, 'Mom, I want to marry her!'. He shared this only last year on The Late Show revealing that his likeness towards Bonet had blossomed when she was on The Cosby Show. Jason became a full-fledged stalker until he was actually introduced to her by a mutual friend. The rest is history!

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Lisa has been called his wife all along but the pair didn't get married in real until 2017. That is another sweet gesture to note. They were so close already that they never bothered a tittle for their relationship.

The couple's mini-mes

Jason Momoa may seem like a brood but in normal life, he is a family guy who needs no taming. Lisa and he have two beautiful children together. Their daughter, Lola is 8-years-old and son, Nakoa-Wolf only 7. Astonishingly, they take after both their parents and are their exact copies. From their hair to their physical aspects, the kids are rocking Lisa and Jason's refined looks.

From the family's Instagram posts, it's obvious that the couple is undoubted a duo of proud parents. Their children seem to follow their path, style and share all their features. Maybe, Lola and Wolf will be in Hollywood before we know it. Fingers crossed!

Jason's step-daughter, Zoe Kravitz

Lisa's daughter from the previous marriage with Lenny Kravitz is just as much as part of the family as their other kids. Jason has embraced his badass stepdaughter, Zoë Kravitz and feels intense pride in siding with her.

The family love is too damn high and it clearly resonates through the screen! Share this if you adore the Momoas!

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