Tony Curtis' Lookalike Daughter Jaime Lee Is Famous, But His 3 Other Girls Are Just As Beautiful And Charming

September 16, 2019 19:13

Hollywood actor Tony Curtis didn't only build a lasting legacy with his career, he also made sure that his name is carried by 6 children. The legend has daughters Kelly and Jamie Lee with his first wife, Janet Leigh,

Tony had Alexandra and Allegra from his second marriage to Christine Kaufmann, and sons Nicholas and Benjamin with third wife, Leslie Allen.

Tony's daughter, Jaime Lee Curtis is perhaps the most popular out of all her siblings as she grew up to become a famous Hollywood actress and star of the Halloween franchise.

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But not many people talk about Curtis' three other daughters, who are just as beautiful and charismatic as Jaime Lee.

Kelly Lee Curtis

The oldest of Tony Curtis' children, Kelly, is an actress just like her little sister Jaime, but she never found the same success.

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Kelly mostly focused on theater with only occasional roles in various TV shows, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Judging Amy.

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Alexandra Curtis

Unlike her sisters, Alexandra preferred to live away from the public eye.

According to Alexandra's social media, she manages a dance school and loves traveling.

Allegra Camilla Curtis

Allegra Curtis followed in her father's footsteps and also became an actress. Notably, she didn't only focus on English movies, Allegra also appeared in several German films.

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Her mother, Christine Kauffman, passed away in 2017, after which Allegra decided to take over her cosmetics line.

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It's worth mentioning that Tony Curtis left all his children out of his will, so all his daughters are making their own honest living.