Tom Cruise Reportedly Rejects His Own Daughter As Church of Scientology Considers Kids As "Spirits In The Small Body", Former Scientology Member Claims

September 26, 2019 21:53

Since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced in 2013, the Hollywood actor has not been seen in public with his daughter. Previously, it was stated that Tom is keeping his distance due to Katie's suppressive behavior towards his spiritual development.

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In 2013, former Scientology member Sam Domingo explained to RadarOnline.com that the church forced Cruise to cut ties with Katie and, by extension, Suri:

Tom’s not allowed spiritual counseling in the church if he has any connection with Katie, so Suri would be collateral damage. He can’t be in any communication with Katie.

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However, Tom's beliefs might have gone way under control now, since new report claims he no longer considers Suri his own daughter.

Tom rejects Suri as his own child

Sam Domingo just gave another interview to the magazine, stating that Suri isn't Cruise's daughter and he's not bothered by this fact:

I’m sure if he could rescue Suri from the clutches of her mom he can. But you know what? He can get her in the next lifetime so it doesn’t really matter. She’s not really his daughter.

Apparently, the Church of Scientology views children differently than other religions. Domingo shared that scientologists call kids "thetans" and the entire idea is quite confusing:

The church has this idea that children, for example, are just thetans or spirits in the small body. If a kid dies, it doesn’t really matter to them. You can get pregnant and you can have another one, and that spirit you lost can come back in a new body.

As for Tom Cruise, Suri is not his "thetan", as far as we understand. According to Sam:

To [Tom], Suri is just another thetan in a body.

We imagine that since Tom couldn't raise Suri according to his religion, mostly because of Katie Holmes, he realized she's not his daughter. Especially since his other two daughters with Nicole Kidman are active members of the Church of Scientology, and the 57-year-old movie star happily accepts them.

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We hope the young girl stays strong and approaches the situation rationally.

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