Kate Middleton's Mom Carole Played A Maternal Role In William’s Life: "He Would Lie On The Couch With His Head In The Lap Of Mrs. Middleton"

October 12, 2019 14:17

It’s not a secret that Prince Diana’s untimely passing greatly influenced her sons’ lives. Prince William once opened up about his loss saying it was 'a pain like no other.'

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The royal was just 15 years old when he had to deal with the worst thing that could happen to any child.

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But as he grew older, he met someone who gave him the motherly love he desperately needed.

The close-knit family

As William and Kate’s romance started blossoming in 2003, the royal began paying frequent visits to her family home in West Berkshire.

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A royal expert Ashley Pearson claims Kate’s mom, Carole, played a maternal role in William’s life as the two became very close.

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Pearson said:

He would lie on the couch with his head in the lap of Mrs. Middleton. Or he would sit after dinner and talk for hours with Mr. Middleton.

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It’s believed that Kate’s close-knit family is one of the main reasons why William fell in love with her. When the two got married, Carole couldn’t be happier.

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She once called William her ‘lovely son-in-law’ and it’s evident that up till this day she and the Prince have been having a very special relationship.

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