Dramatic Weight Loss! Timothy Spall On His Life-Changing Transformation: "I’m No Longer That Avuncular Round Bloke"

December 2, 2019 13:59

Losing weight is never easy, especially if your genetics are prone to fullness.

Timothy Spall is a well-known actor who has received international acclaim for a plethora of incredible movies, such as Secrets & Lies, Enchanted, the Harry Potter series, etc. But he was also known for being a 'big-size' actor as can be seen in his previous works.

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Miraculously, Timothy Spall beat all the odds and underwent a fantastic weight loss journey. The actor first showcased his streamlined appearance in 2017 after cutting off unhealthy food and alcohol back in 2014.

Speaking to the latest issue of Radio Times, he addressed his weight loss for the very first time, claiming he is "not hobbled" as an actor anymore or that "avuncular round bloke."

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The Auf Wiedersehen, Pet star candidly revealed he simply wanted to change his life to the core.

I wanted to change my lifestyle and lose weight and it’s done what I’d always hoped it might. As a character actor, it’s put me in a position where I’m not hobbled by being a certain shape. I’m no longer that avuncular round bloke. It does feel liberating on many levels.

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It seems like the BAFTA-winning actor made up his mind after being diagnosed with leukemia. He said the health ordeal left him with a new vision on life after preparing his beloved family for the worst.

When you’re seriously ill, it gives you a certain sense of profundity.

Timothy Spall is proud of his transformational weight loss as it has influenced not only his personal perspective but also the acting life. He said it has transformed his career, making him free from being pigeonholed as characters of a particular shape.

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No words are needed, to be frank. His dramatic weight loss is so obvious that we are simply speechless over such a transformation.

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