"Zumba & Squats": 73-Year-Old Cher Shared The Secret To Her Stunning Figure And Toned Booty

September 11, 2019

Age shouldn’t prevent you from living the life of your dreams and pursuing the career you love. Look at Cher, she is in her 70s with a stunning body.

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Living legend

How do you imagine a woman in her seventies? As a lovely old lady spending her time knitting sweaters for grandchildren and feeding 11 cats? We can totally get behind your thinking. But Cher is not willing to give up to a stigma surrounded by her age.

She is still working hard and surprises her fans with new endeavors. The singer even joined the star-studded cast of Mamma Mia 2. If this is not enough, her own musical opened on Broadway. Fans were definitely excited, but many wonder how Cher manages to stay in such good shape.

Workout secrets

The singer during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show shared her secret to having a fabulous shape. When the host asked the actress what the secret is to have a great botty Cher said:

Ok, so you get down on all fours and you put your leg up and you make an L with your leg and you do it up like that. Three sets of 25.

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The singing legend admitted she loves doing Zumba, as well as “old-fashioned” exercises, like squats.

How to get Cher’s booty

If you want to get compliments on your bottom just like Cher does, you better work on it. Here are some exercises that can help you with getting the booty of your dreams.

And remember, no pain, no gain!

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