Princess Diana's Brother Posts An Old Family Photo Of Their Father And He Looks So Similar To the Duke of Cambridge: "That Could Be A Very Young William"

October 8, 2019 23:12

A lot has been said and written about Princess Diana's life after she became a member of the royal family. But before then, she was known as Lady Diana. One might have wondered how she got this title.

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Origin of Diana's title

Diana was known that way because her father, John Spencer, inherited the title of Earl Spencer from his father in 1975. In fact, Queen Elizabeth and some other members of the royal family knew the Spencer family before Diana became an official princess.

Nobleman John Spencer's 'Earl' title meant that Diana automatically inherited her own title of 'Lady' even though her family wasn't official royalty.

A vintage photo

Diana's brother Charles, who is also known as Earl Spencer, recently shared a photo on his Instagram page that got people talking.

In the throwback picture taken in 1937, we got to see Diana's father and her grandmother.

The young John Spencer looked dashing in a dress coat complete with a top hat while Diana and Charles' grandma had on a dress underneath a dark-colored coat.

The photo offered a lovely glimpse into the Spencer family history.

"Young William"

Social media users posted about how adorable the image was and a few even pointed out the resemblance between young John and Prince William, Diana's son.

@rio.marcelo commented;

Young William!

@lady_eileena said there was also a similarity between Charles and his father John;

Strong resemblance to yourself and Prince William. Great pic.!

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@schafermichelle was amazed by John and William's similarity too.

Oh my stars that could be a very young William!!!!!

We can't deny that the Spencers have strong features that are being passed down through generations. Do you agree that William looks very much like his maternal grandfather?

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