36 Years Meant Nothing: Mickey Rooney Cut His 8th Wife Out Of His Will Just 3 Weeks Before Passing

October 25, 2019 20:34

The legendary Mickey Rooney conquered Hollywood not with his looks, but with incredible humor and charisma. Despite not being the handsomest fella around, he still managed to have 8 wives over the course of his life.

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Rooney even managed to tie the knot with the stunning Ava Gardner, which proves how charming the late actor really was. However, their unlikely match didn't last longer than 1 year.

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Rooney's 8th and last wife was Jan Chamberlin, who loved and cared for him for 34 years until their separation in 2012.

Jan was fully devoted to Mickey, but it wasn't easy

Mickey's and Jan's marriage was rocky from the beginning. Although they loved each other, Chamberlin knew not to expect an easy married life from a man who's been divorced 7 times before. Not to mention their 18-year difference!

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In 1979, a year after getting married, Jan gave interview to PEOPLE, in which she shared their hardships:

He wants me here at home when he’s home, which isn’t often with an older man you have to make compromises, but you also have to make sure you remain your own person while accommodating. Whenever we have fights, he calls my mother to come over and referee. He adores her.

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True, Mickey was much older than Jan and had his set ways, but she has been with him despite everything for 34 years.

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The two separated in 2012 after Chamerlin's son from first marriage was accused of elder abuse by Mickey.

Mickey cut Jan out of his will before dying

Just three weeks before passing away, Mickey Rooney removed his estranged wife out of his will, which she didn't take very well.

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Chamberlin challenged Rooney's last will saying she had claim to his fortune, but ultimately lost in court.

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It's believed Mickey's decision to leave his wife without inheritance was due to abuse he experienced from her son.

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