Ann-Margret And Roger Smith Were Together For 50 Years But Never Had Kids Due To The Tragic Accident

October 25, 2019 20:18

We have seen several celebrity couples help each other with their careers and getting into the spotlight.

One of the unforgettable couples who assisted each other was Ann-Margret and Roger Smith, who were married for fifty years before his demise.

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Smith and Ann-Margret met on set, but she didn't give due attention to the former playboy.

Nevertheless, they were only able to set things in motion five years later. On May 8, 1967, the pair officially got married despite all the challenges they faced.

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The duo not only shared a memorable Hollywood experience, as they shared their whole life. Five decades of marriage is no piece of cake!

They promised to be together until death, and it was so until Smith died on June 4, 2017, at the age of 84.

Smith & Ann-Margret had a childless marriage

After his death in 2017, Smith was survived by his wife, Ann-Margret, and three children. However, none of his children came from his marriage with Ann-Margret.

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Throughout their long years together, they were all each other had.

They shared blossoming careers and were there for each other during life-changing injury, substance abuse, and a critical sickness.

The marital and business partners, however, never shared a child.

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According to reports, Ann and Smith put off having kids at the beginning of their marriage because they wanted to focus on their budding careers.

At the time, she was 31, and they always believed she would have kids whenever.

Unfortunately, that time never came. After a tragic accident in 1972, Ann-Margret lost her ability to have kids. She tried all she could, but it was to no avail.

Nevertheless, Smith had children from his ex

The three children were from his previous marriage to actress, Victoria Shaw which lasted from 1956 to 1965.

Nevertheless, it didn't stop their love from being beautiful.

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