Lucille Ball's Great-Granddaughter Desiree Is As Gorgeous And Artistic As Her Iconic Great-Grandma

January 13, 2020

Iconic actress Lucille Ball has been gone for three decades, but her legacy lives on.

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And by her legacy, we don’t mean only her films – Lucille had beautiful children and grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter who looks very much like her.

Lucille’s granddaughter, Julia

Lucille and Desi Arnaz had two children: daughter Lucie and son Desi Jr.

Desi Jr. was quite indiscriminate in his teens and fathered a child when he was only 15. He and his daughter Julia had been apart for many years and reunited only in the early ’90s.

Desi Jr. and Julia have managed to rebuild their father-daughter relationship, but sadly, Julia never got to meet her famous grandma in person. Lucille passed away a few years before her son reunited with Julia.

Julia was pregnant when she found out about her grandma’s passing, she revealed on Facebook. Julia's daughter grew up and bears a striking resemblance to her great-grandma.

Meet Desiree

Julia named her daughter in honor of Lucille – the actress’ middle name was Desiree.

Desiree Anzalone grew up to become a beautiful woman! She has an active social media presence and often posts pictures in which she looks a lot like her great-grandmother.

They look like each other's copies!

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The young woman is a photographer and also has a degree in creative writing from the University of North Texas.

Desiree has already proven to be a real fighter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 25, underwent grueling treatment, and ultimately, beat the disease.

Lucille would have been very proud of her great-granddaughter! She looks indeed just like her, and Desiree is definitely as gorgeous and artistic as her great-grandma, and she is a real fighter too!