'Westworld' Star Ed Harris Remembers How Amy Madigan's Colorful Socks Stole His Heart Forever

December 19, 2019

Ed Harris crossed paths with Amy Madigan in a rehearsal for a play they starred together in 1981. Neither of them yet knew it was the first day of the rest of their lives together.

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Harris to this remembers how Amy stole his attention the first time he saw her. As the Westworld star told TODAY:

There was a big semi-circle of seats, there was an empty chair next to me. She was late and I've never seen this woman before. She walked around everybody and sat down next to me. She had really colorful socks on and my line to her was 'I like your socks.'

"I like your socks". It was enough for the two young actors to start building their way towards on of Hollywood's greatest relationships.

Ed and Amy built a solid foundation for their marriage

Harris and Madigan started dating, but the famous actor said there was one particular moment when he realized that he must make Amy his wife:

Marriage became inevitable when she critiqued my performance in Fool for Love [another Shepard play] and I found myself listening without getting defensive.

Their mutual support and understanding of each other was too good to pass up, and so the couple made it official in 1983 while filming Pieces of the Heart (1984) together.

In fact, their experience working together greatly influenced Madigan's confidence that Harris was the one. Amy once said during an interview with Ed:

Acting is largely a matter of trust. With Ed, because I know him, love him and trust him, I don't have to worry about a lot of nonsense. I know he'll be two hundred percent there.

To which Ed sweetly replied:

You know I'll take care of you.

The couple welcomed their only daughter in 1993, ten years after tying the knot. Lily Dolores Harris is a wonderful young lady and is truly a personification of her parents' love.

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Harris is confident she's his soulmate

After years of partnership, the Apollo 13 (1995) knows that Amy was meant for him. Ed told The Guardian once that his darling wife was the greatest love of his life, and we have no doubts about it.

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Ed Harris and Amy Madigan have been together for so many years, and they managed to preserve that feeling of pure love till these days. We wish nothing but long years filled with love and happiness to Ed and Amy!