Whoopi Goldberg Has Been In Love Only Once, But Not With Any Of Her 3 Husbands

January 10, 2020

Ever wondered what Whoopi Goldberg's love life is like? Here's your chance to know who the great love of Whoopi's life is and her answer might just surprise you.

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Three husbands and countless lovers

If you didn't know better, you'd think that Whoopi has been single through the years. But the EGOT winner has been married not once but three times, not counting her multiple high-profile relationships.

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Whoopi married her first husband Alvin Martin with whom she shares a daughter, Alex Martin, in 1973. The marriage is her longest - it lasted 6 years. She married David Claessen in 1986. The marriage lasted about 3 years. She was also married to Lyle Trachtenberg for about a year.

Mystery Lover

But the TV host says none of the men she married have come close to winning her heart. She's only been in love once in her life and this was a long time ago, she admitted to Piers Morgan. But she refused to say her lover's name.

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Asked if this mystery man is someone she would have stayed married to, Whoopi says hell, no!

She prefers to live alone because she isn't the kind of partner willing to be in a relationship with anyone for the long haul. She loves her privacy and loves not being answerable to anyone in her own home.

She's still a sucker for love

Ironically, this does not mean that Whoopi is a cynic though. She is a sucker for love and continues to believe in love at first sight.

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She told the host of Loose Women that she'll only get married again under one condition. The lucky man must live in another country, otherwise, it's no deal.

Whoopi Goldberg had a great love in her life, but nevertheless she prefers being alone and respects her right for privacy. It gives her more time and opportunity to concentrate on other things, including work.