Controversial Biography Pictures Oprah As A Demanding Diva Who Is Unwilling To Lift A Finger And Yells At Her Staff

December 2, 2019 13:58

Kitty Kelley is known as a writer of controversial biographies and as a woman who dared to cross Oprah. The author wrote a 524-page tome aimed to dismantle the beloved talk show host.

Kelley dives deep into the TV mogul’s past, exploring Oprah’s childhood and major traumas she survived. However, in the book, Kitty pictures Winfrey in a completely different light.

Demanding diva unwilling to lift a finger

The image of Oprah, known and loved by America and the whole world, has been broken into millions of pieces by Kitty Kelley.

The author pictures Winfrey not as a friendly and compassionate host but rather as a demanding diva who is unwilling to lift a finger unless she really needs to.

Kitty depicts many stories about the TV mogul but one of them was particularly shocking to us. She writes that Oprah once contacted Georgetown's L'Enfant Gallery to see and possibly get some works by portraitist John Kirthian Court.

The gallery owner, Pete Colasante, shipped three painting for Winfrey’s consideration and received a strict schedule for the talk show host’s visit. On the day of the visit, 2 limos arrived and Oprah went to the shop across the street of the gallery.

Colasante waited for 30 minutes and walked to the shop where his star client was to see her berating one of her staff. He told the TV mogul that she should honor her schedule as he has other appointments.

Kitty writes:

"Oprah does not walk," she told him, referring to herself in the third person. "Who is this guy?" Then she started screaming at her staff, but finally agreed to cross the street and come through his front door.

After reading the book, Colasante said that the author described everything correctly and noted he was ‘dumbfounded’ to see this side of Oprah.

But that’s not all. Kelley also states that Winfrey makes her employees to sign a confidentiality agreement which requires them to call her 'Mary' in public so that people wouldn’t eavesdrop.

It’s hard to believe that this is the real Oprah. Do you think Kitty’s words are true or did she use the popular public figure for her own gain?

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