Experts Investigate Mysterious Circumstances Of Lucille Ball's Demise: "Lucille Seemed So Healthy"

November 14, 2019 13:10

After experiencing shooting pain in her chest, Lucille Ball was taken to a hospital. She didn’t want to go, but her worried husband and daughter convinced her.

When the great actress arrived, she had a seven-hour open-heart surgery, which went successful. She returned home after a few days later. However, the next morning her repaired aorta ruptured again. The actress returned to the hospital but, sadly, doctors couldn’t save her.

Even though many years have passed since Ball’s passing but new details about her demise are still being discovered.

What has been found?

It has been announced that Ball’s passing will be investigated again by professionals. It’s known how the actress left this world - because of the raptured aorta – but what lead her to it?

The forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter shares that Lucille had already been using an inhalant to ease her chest pain 4 years before her passing, which is a warning sign. But it’s not the only one. Dr. Hunter states:

The slow tearing of Lucille’s aortic lining that had presented itself to doctors eight days earlier had ended in what reports refer to as an aortic blowout. Surgery could not fix all the damage to this major blood vessel. But what led to this damage?

He says that the actress seemed very healthy one month before her demise so that’s why he wants to investigate if there are any unknown causes that could have caused her heart problems.

At 17 years old, Lucille Ball suffered from a mysterious acute case of arthritis that miraculously resolved itself.

Did this mystery illness play a part in Ball’s passing? Dr. Hunter hopes to find that out.

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