Powerful Genes: Yul Brynner's Only Son Rock Looks Exactly Like His Legendary Father Though He Decided Not To Follow His Footsteps

December 2, 2019

Yul Brynner is a proud father of a very handsome man. The son of the legendary actor is all grown and looks like a carbon copy of his famous dad.

Impressive career

Legendary actor Yul Brynner was an exotic leading man of American films. He was famous for his completely bald head as well as for his performances. He would mostly be remembered for his role in the musical The 6King and I.

© The Magnificent Seven (1960) / The Mirisch Company

He made his acting debut as Fabian in Twelfth Night. After working in TV series and films, the actor won awards and mild accolades. Yul remains one of the most fascinating and beloved stars of his time.

Yul’s carbon copy

Besides being a successful and famous actor, Yul Brynner was also a devoted father. His only son, Rock has grown into a spitting image of his dad.

His only son is from his first marriage to Virginia Gilmore. Though he decided not to follow in his famous father’s footsteps, Rock became a historian and writer.

The son of one of Hollywood’s legend was also the former road manager for The Band and for Bob Dylan. With his dad's good looks and unusual nature, Rock has proved to be an exceptional person in his chosen field.

With a father as a screen legend, Yul’s son definitely inherited the talented genes of his family.

Rock about growing up with his father

Rock Brynner opened up on what it was like growing up with a celebrity as a parent. In the biography of his father, Yul - The Man Who Would Be King, Rock said:

Yul was an extraordinary, magical and amazing figure. I was 5 when he opened in `The King and I' in 1951. He was a very different man in the last two years of his life.

Yul Brynner's only son, Rock is indeed a spitting image of his legendary father.

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