Two Times Divorcee Sally Field Commented On Her ‘Single Lady’ Status: "I Love The Idea Of Having The Love Of My Life"

November 8, 2019 13:44

For divorcee Sally Field, marriage may just be not her thing. But does the star have any regrets for not remarrying again? Let’s find out what Sally thinks about it.

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Sally Field’s failed marriages

Sometimes, happy marriage life just failed to happen. Sally Field knows this firsthand as the actress got divorced twice.

With her first husband, Steven Craig, Sally was married for 7 years. The couple shares 2 sons.

After almost 10 years, Sally remarried again. Her second husband was producer Alan Greisman. The spouses divorced in 1993 after 9 years of marriage. They share one son together.

After two failed marriages, the award-winning actress never remarried again. But does she have any regrets for being single in her 70s?

Single and happy in her 70s

Sally Field commented on her ‘single lady’ status in an interview with People:

If I knew anyone I wanted to be with, I would hope I would have the gumption to bang on his door. I just don’t know who that is.

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The actress added that she feels really happy without a husband in her 70s.

I am totally fulfilled. That doesn’t mean I would rule anything out, but I wouldn’t dress up and go roaming the streets looking for it.

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Sally added that her 3 sons have always been her major priority. In a throwback interview with Oprah Winfrey, the actress confessed she was always busy as a working mom, doing a million of things at a time as a mother of 3 boys.

Sally explained:

I had Peter, my first, at 22; Eli, my second, shortly after; and Sam when I was 40. So I had a kid in college, another at home being a rascal, and one just being born.

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As for getting married for the third time, the star confessed:

I love the idea of having the love of my life beside me holding my hand. But I don’t have that right now, so I just have to know that I’m just fine as I am.

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As you see, a woman may feel happy and totally fulfilled even without a husband by her side. What really matters is to love and accept yourself as you are. Sally Field is a vivid example of a confident, successful, and happy woman.

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