Animal Lover: Bob Barker Contributes $70 Million Of His Own Money To Help Animals After His Wife Passed Away

December 26, 2019 10:13

Most of us love animals, but every animal lover becomes an activist as it requires time, effort and money. Bob Barker is one of those amazing people who prove it's never too late to do something wonderful. The famous host changes our world for the better and his story is worth consideration.

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Today Bob Barker is estimated to have a net worth of $70 million and he spends his money to help animals.

How old is Bob Barker?

Bob Barker was born in 1923, but the age is only a number when we are talking about this wonderful person. He is a full-fledged TV legend and a retired TV host. Barker is well-known for hosting CBS's The Price Is Right and Truth or Consequences. He has hosted other several game shows too.

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Bob Barker helps animals

When Bob Barker’s wife died in 1981, he turned to animal rights activism to help him through the grief. He had always been an advocate, but it was in 1982 that he really ratcheted up his work and he became one of the preeminent activists in Hollywood, where it’s not exactly rare to advocate for animal rights. He said:

I was fortunate enought to have a job that was payed very well and I am using that money now for animals.

It was his wife of 36 years Dorothy Jo Gideon who had a very strong influence on her husband. Talking to Good Morning America in 2007 Bob Barker added:

She was ahead of her time. She really was. She stopped wearing fur coats before anyone was stopping.

She became a vegetarian before people were becoming vegetarian. And I gradually did the same thing with her.

That's why Bob felt her legacy should live on and he has to continue doing what she believed was right!

His contribution to the animal world

Bob has also put his money founding the DJ&T Foundation, named for his late wife and his late mother, to help pay for pets to be spayed and neutered.

He’s also given millions to organizations like PAWS Animal Sanctuary and most famously to the controversial Sea Shepherd Organization, infamous for its aggressive approach toward environmental issues.

Over the years, Barker, a strict vegetarian, paid to have large cats airlifted from Bolivian circuses and donated millions to stop whaling ships in Japan.

He proved himself to be a truly great man with a big heart and an open mind.

In March 2010, PETA announced that it received a $2.5 million donation from the retired TV host to organize a new office called the Bob Barker Building in Los Angeles.

Bob Barker is a great role model for many people and we hope his story will inspire others to follow his beliefs and help animals all over the world. Do you agree? What do you think? Share your thoughts in comments.