Conspiracy Theorists Claim Elvis PresIey Is Alive, Serving As Pastor Bob Joyce In Arkansas

December 24, 2019

Who doesn't dream of reviving their favorite classic icon? From Bob Marley to Michael Jackson, some celebrity passings have struck people as an utter shock throughout history. However, Elvis Presley's admirers seem to be close to a real conclusion!

The King of the music world, Elvis Presley was declared to be expired on August 16, 1977. He was only 42, and the cause of his death was readily covered up by his family. The immediate suspect was an overdose of prescription drugs, causing cardiac arrhythmia. Elvis' lifeless body was interred at Graceland, but it didn't stop the flood of controversies. People believed it to be a dummy.

Elvis Presley lives

Conspiracy theorists are convinced that Elvis is still alive. Moreover, they claim he is very well and serving as a singing pastor in Arkansas. According to this bonkers notion, the legend faked his own demise in an attempt to escape the pressures of fame forever.

A Facebook page dedicated to providing evidence to this has matched the King's profile to Bob Joyce, the preacher.

Surprisingly, he is also a talented musician, whose singing voice bears an uncanny resemblance to Elvis'. Is the evidence resounding?

Reactions to the theory

Fans of Elvis are asking for proof, but they are surely weighing this theory to be true. Social media users are remembering Elvis to match him with Bob. Others simply praise the pastor for his powerful sermon. The debate's on!

It seems Elvi Presley's fans can't come to terms with the fact that he is not alive. Do you believe the greatest rock n' roll artist is still alive? Or is this all a play of coincidence?