Donald Trump Wants People To Call His Wife ‘Melania T’ Similar To ‘Jackie O’, But Fans Don’t Agree

December 20, 2019

During one of his interviews, President Donald Trump compared his wife Melania with Jackie Kennedy. Donald probably couldn’t even imagine that his comparison will generate a wave of controversial reactions from social media users.

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Melania vs. Jackie

Amid celebrating his 73rd birthday, President Donald Trump took his time to give a candid interview to Fox and Friends.

In the interview, Trump talked about diverse topics but the one that generated a huge public reaction was Donald’s comparison of his wife Melania with Jackie Kennedy.

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It started when Donald proposed to redesign Air Force One plane. Trump suggested replacing the traditional blue and white design (the signature colors since John F. Kennedy’s presidency) with red, white, and blue colors.

Donald explained his opinion:

People get used to something but — and it was Jackie O. and that’s good, but we have our own Jackie O. today. It’s called Melania. We’ll call it Melania T.

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Trump added that people love Melania and, what’s more important, she gets credits from the public.

People on social media obviously don’t share Trump’s point of view. Twitter literally ‘exploded’ with comments.

People’s reactions

It seems that Donald Trump really loves his wife, and wants to make her as legendary as Jackie Kennedy. What do you think about all of this? Is Melania T. our new Jackie O.?