Jason Momoa Has A Seemingly Striking Resemblance With His Dear Father Joseph

January 10, 2020

The iconic Aquaman, Jason Momoa, shares a strong bond with his mother, Coni. Although he is known as a tough persona on-screen shows and movies, he is extremely soft, clumsy, and childish around his family.

Momoa’s parents drove apart when he was a just a little kid so that he and his mom moved from Hawaii to Iowa. The actor frequently visits his family house and spends the whale of the time with the most important people in his life.

Who's the father?

Do you know how Jason Momoa got such unusually gorgeous appearance? His mother has German roots, whereas his father, Joseph Momoa, has Hawaiian descent.

Moreover, the Conan the Barbarian star is a carbon copy of his father. Just look at them! The actor captioned the snap,

My pops. Joe “da fish” Momoa. And my unko Gigi. Super proud to represent MOMOA. Kaeo Keaulana there so many more but these moments are very dear to me. Mahalo Hawaii nei for welcoming me home Aloha.

Little is known about Joseph's personality. Momoa’s father is into creativity, just like his son and ex-wife - he is a painter. Ruefully, when Joe divorced Coni, he almost lost touch with his son and hence, took a minor part in his early upbringing.

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Even fans noticed the resemblance:


He’s a beautiful mixture of both parents… I see both of his parents in him and without his father he wouldn’t have that unique look he resemble his beautiful mom in the eyes yes definitely but he also looks like his handsome father! 🔥God bless his parents for making a perfect son. Love that man. 😘


Your father looks like yours in the movie 😜😀


Just realizing how much your father in the movie resembles your real pops❤️

Despite all saddening moments, Momoa loves all his family and has a special place in his heart for all of them, including his distant father.

A doting daddy

Even though Jason Momoa didn't have a bright childhood due to parent's divorce and its aftermath, he has managed to become a loving and caring husband and father.

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Jason Momoa & Liza Bonet's union is epic, and their love and passion to each other helped them have a decent and healthy family. The two have beautiful children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf. Both of them are spitting images of their parents.

The Aquaman star may be a brood on TV but in fact, he is a devoted husband, doting dad, and loving son, who needs no excuses to visit their loved ones and spend all time possible with his wife and 2 children.