Mark Harmon Demands 'CBS' To Take Actions Against Pauley Perrette: "I’ll Sue Her"

December 19, 2019

Pauley Perrette left NCIS after 15 seasons, which broke the hearts of many fans. When people couldn't stop bickering about her exit, she revealed the reason for her departure.

Our dear Abigail accused Mark Harmon of physical assault and claimed that the network was covering it up. In a tweet, she made it clear that she won't ever be a part of the mega-series again. Pauley explained how she was scared of her colleague and his disturbing deeds still give her nightmares.

Mark has started to rattle

The actor was firing back at his accuser. According to Radar Online sources, he and CBS executives engaged in a heated call conference. He demanded his bosses to back him up against Pauley.

The insider revealed that Mark is arranging a special PR team to put out a positive story about him to counteract all the negativity. To do that he will need meaningful support from CBS, he said to them:

You’d better rein in Pauley Perrette Opens a New Window. — or I’ll sue her!

People have mixed opinions

It seems that Mark Harmon is totally fed up with allegations, and therefore demands further actions. Do you think Pauley Perrette is pulling off a publicity stunt? Or maybe, Harmon is acting out of panic?