Nicole Kidman Is Shattered Over Her Daughter Bella Being Scientology's Poster Girl

December 26, 2019

After Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's untoward divorce, their two adopted children — Isabella and Connor — remained with the father. Particularly, the daughter thanked Tom for everything in her life and didn't mention absolutely anything about Nicole.

Both Isabella and Connor Cruise are the followers of Scientology, just like Tom. The 'religious' movement was one of the main reasons for Mr. Cruise's divorce from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes as well.

Kidman is shattered over Bella's Scientology devotion

The Aussie actress claimed that the most devastating thing in the divorce was losing her children. But they seem unbothered whatsoever. Reportedly, Nicole Kidman is shattered over Bella being Scientology's poster girl.

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It is believed the Destroyer star limited her communication both with Isabella and Connor due to their strange passion for Scientology.

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And now, her daughter encourages people to join the church by telling her 'success story'. The actress's nightmare has come into reality.

In case you've missed the details, Nicole Kidman is deemed a 'suppressive' personality in the church of Scientology, and that's one of the reasons why Tom Cruise and their adopted kids cut the ties off. We feel so sorry for Nicole Kidman and hopefully, she'll get through it.