Ivanka Trump Had A Tense Reaction When Barron Wanted To Play With Her Little Son

January 14, 2020 11:06

People noticed that Ivanka Trump had a controversial reaction when her younger brother Barron wanted to play with her little son in a throwback video. What is going on between Donald Trump’s children?

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Barron plays with Ivanka’s son: her reaction

Have you ever wondered what kind of relationships do the Trump children have when they are far from the public eye?

Some fans suggest that Donald’s kids are not as close as he wants them to be. A video from Trump’s inauguration gave another hint to think so.

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The entire Trump family was present during his inauguration to show their love and support to the new President Donald.

Donald’s elder daughter Ivanka Trump was standing behind him holding her young son Theodore. Her brother Barron was standing next to Ivanka.

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In the video, we can see Barron playing peek-a-boo with Ivanka’s son. What a cute picture!

While most fans absolutely adored the adorable video and gushed about the sweet relationship between Barron and little Theodore, there were those who noticed Ivanka’s tense reaction at the moment.

One social media user wrote that Ivanka even looked “mortified” when Barron wanted to play with her son.

Fans’ comments

Barron is the only son of Donald and Melania Trump. According to his mother, Barron enjoys playing alone for hours. The boy has an interest in building structures from Legos.

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We think it’s great that Barron enjoys spending time with his little nieces and nephews. Besides, the cute video shows that Barron is a pretty down-to-earth kid.

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Barron Trump seems to be very friendly, and it is obvious he enjoys spending time with Ivanka's little son. Nevertheless, some fans suggest that relations between Trump's kids are not so good. What is your opinion about the clip and Ivanka’s reaction?

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