Marie Osmond On How She Broke Up With Pop Singer Andy Gibb Over The Phone: "It Was Breaking My Heart Seeing What He Was Doing To Himself"

December 4, 2019 12:20

Marie Osmond is one of those stars who prefer not to reveal too much about her private life. This is one of the reasons why some revelations about who she has dated may come as a surprise.

Marie and Andy Gibb were once an item. Like Marie, Andy was also a singer and was most popularly celebrated for his hit album Shadow Dancing. He was a teen idol and a part of the sibling group Bee Gees.

Unfortunately, despite gaining so much success, he had problems with addiction and eventually declared bankruptcy. He passed away in 1988.

Marie Osmond and Andy Gibb's relationship

During an episode of The Talk, Marie Osmond revealed that she once dated Andy and why their relationship came to an end.

Marie said she ended things with Andy after one night during which he kept calling her over and over again.

One night he kept calling me and calling me. He was obviously not well.

When she had had enough, she told the singer that their relationship was over. Marie confessed that breaking up with Andy over the phone was not the ideal situation but she simply felt like she had no other choice.

I felt really bad because it was something I should have done in person, but it was just enough. It was breaking my heart seeing what he was doing to himself.

Marie went on to add that many years later, Andy told her that the breakup phone call was "a wake-up call" for him. It pushed him to get his act together and get his health under control.

The TV host explained that Andy recognized he was hurting himself and was able to change it.

Musically perfect

Marie did not give details about the exact time she and Andy dated or how long the relationship lasted. But the pair did prove to have strong chemistry based on this beautiful duet they performed of Sometimes We Touch.

These two stars looked like the perfect couple here and it's so sad to see the way their relationship ended. But from Marie's story, we can see that she was convinced ending things was the right thing for them to do. And Andy soon came to the same realization.

They would have made such an epic couple, wouldn't they?

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