Peter Andre Insists His Son Junior Must Finish School Before Embarking On Other Adventures: "I'm Really Strict Like That"

December 4, 2019 12:16

Junior Andre is the son of singer Peter Andre and model Katie Price.

Like most teenagers, Junior is excited to explore the world and make impressive moves. He has already been featured in his parents' popular TV series such as Katie and Peter's Baby Diaries. And last year, he snagged his first modeling contract.

Peter Andre's son may be ready to dive into the modeling industry but his dad has other ideas.

Peter Andre's words about Junior

Peter Andre's children apparently have to get used to their famous dad's strictness. During the interview with the UK Mirror, the Mysterious Girl hitmaker revealed that he's a strict dad and has insisted that Junior has to finish school before he embarks on other adventures.

In the singer's opinion, his children should be raised the same way he was. And Peter's dad ensured that education came first no matter what. He explained:

(Junior) needs to finish his school and then he can do what he likes when he finishes school."I'm really strict like that - maybe a bit too strict. When things come in I'm like, 'No, no', cause I wasn't allowed."Dad made me finish school and I got to do what he told me to do.

While confirming that his children are doing "amazing," Peter Andre said that Junior is also doing well in drama.

Junior Andre's interests

Apart from drama and modeling, Katie Price once revealed that her son was interested in launching his own clothing collection when he was only 12 years old.

While this ignited some controversy at the time (people felt he was too young), it has also shown Junior to be a young man with many interests.

With such famous and successful parents like Peter and Katie, it's no wonder Junior is already building a strong work ethic despite being only a teenager. His dad must feel that making him wait until after he completes his education is the right thing to do. And we have a feeling that whenever Junior is ready to go out there, he will be quite a success.

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